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Natural Gas Supply Service

A Fixed Rate or Index plans are the two most common products selected by most small and medium businesses. However, if you are a large consumer of natural gas, other alternatives are available for your evaluation.

Bill Auditing Service

We also offer bill auditing services at no cost to you. It is a well known fact that utilities make billing mistakes costing consumers millions of dollars a year. The consumer is not aware of these mistakes because, let's face it, who has the time to read and clearly understand all the charges filed by the utilities in their tariffs?

This is a very simple value proposition for you: you provide us with copies of your bills, we analyze them and, if we are able to demonstrate that the utility overcharged you, we collect a portion of the total refund issued to you by the utility. There is no out-of-pocket expense to you, you only share a portion of the money the utility overcharged you if we determine there is a refund due by the utility.

How can I obtain a quote?

Whether you are already signed up with a competitive supplier or still taking your natural gas supply from your local utility, obtaining a quote is extremely simple, we just need some information from you:

If you are with the local utility company:

- We just need the last three months copies of your utility bills

If you are with another supplier:

- We need the last three months copies of your supplier bills
- We need to know when your current supply contract ends with your current supplier

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Fixed Rate Plan


•  Low, fixed-rate pricing for the term of the contract
•  Provides budget stability
•  Simple 3 months to 5 years contracts


•  Allows for easier business budget planning
•  Provides you with control of your monthly bill by managing your consumption
•  Protects against the risk of market volatility


Index Rate Plan

•  Variable monthly pricing tied to market index rates
•  Natural Gas costs adjust monthly with current market rates
•  Simple 3 months to 5 years contract
•  Allows you to switch to a fixed rate with no additional fees


•  Provides the benefits of lower market prices as they occur
•  Helps lower costs when market prices decline
•  Frees up budget for other purposes

Bill Auditing Service


  • No fees charged for this service
  • Allows you to recover any money you overpaid to the utility
  • Simple: all we need are copies of your utility bills
  • We audit all your energy bills: Electric Service and Natural Gas
  • The utility issues the check on your name, you then pay us for our services from the recovered amount

We look forward to serve you!

For a free, no obligation quote, or more information you can:
Call:   305.494.1402
Fax:   888.211.9310